Protecting your Family, our Guests.

Your family’s safety and comfort is our top priority, especially for the guests, visitors and staff of the Redcliffe Motor Inn. We’re always on the look-out to improve your stays with us and create an more enjoyable and relaxing non-stressful time here. That’s why we have partnered up with ALW (Accommodations Least Wanted).

Some-times, there are always the small chance of Guests who can make the stay uncomfortable and annoying for others; This is what we call “ROGUE GUESTS” they only come in few numbers, but might have behaviour or followers that make an impact that can be significant and detrimental to others.

Have you ever experienced any less respectful guests or had an stay ruined by these “Rogue” Guests?

Accommodations Least Wanted Membership

La Vida management  and staff have a passion for great service delivery, and we want all people from all backgrounds to enjoy their stay with us.  La Vida On Anzac sits right in the heart of the conception of a blacklisting and alert system developed to stamp out Rogue Guests, ensuring better stays for better guests.  Developed right here, and the first Member to sign up, Accomms Least Wanted (ALW) was launched at the beginning of September 2020!  Finally a formal Guest Blacklist and alert platform is available for accommodation providers.

Accomms Least Wanted was born out of sheer frustration, of having no formal, and independent way of blacklisting Rogue Guests and letting other providers know about the risk of taking the same guest into their facility.  It’s only in recent times that Online Travel Agents (OTA’s – eg, have allowed a guest to be blacklisted on their own platforms, but all that does is blacklist a  Guest to your own facility, and no alert system is provided.  It also does not stop the same Rogue Guest using another platform to book further accommodation. Some large Hotel chains also have their own blacklist system, but again, it is only relevant to the hotel chain itself.  Other providers are left in the dark.

We joined ALW, not just so we could screen the bad apples out, the Rogue Guests, but so that you as our Guests, can be assured that we are taking measures to ensure that you, have a more enjoyable and trouble free stay.  ALW ensures better stays for better guests.  Now when we receive a booking or enquiry, we can check to see if a potential guest has been previously blacklisted, and if they have, we can see the reason why.  This allows us to make an informed decision on whether we will accept the booking or turn them away!  We now also receive notifications from local providers and our local Police of any Rogue Guest to be on the alert for.  This risk minimisation process is invaluable to the safety, comfort and security of our Guests, and Staff.

Better Stays for Better Guests

So when looking for accommodation in the future, and you see ALW Membership Disclaimers, book with confidence.  Book with confidence, knowing that Rogue Guests are being screened out and the venue is ensuring better stays for better guests.

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