Free WiFi for all Our Guests!

Free WiFi for guests at most motel establishments is the expected standard these days.  It certainly is the case at Redcliffe Motor Inn.

Charging ports available in all guest rooms and WiFi coverage throughout Redcliffe Motor Inn is available.  Perfect for business travellers who need that work station and technology to connect with clients and the office at their fingertips and from the comfort of their accommodation.

Holiday makers need solid WiFi coverage also.  Holiday makers need to be able to plan their holiday activities, upload their holiday snaps to their socials and to connect with loved ones while away from home.  Having this convenience from your accommodation and the confidence that it works everytime is valuable and an important service offering.

Redcliffe Motor Inn is very close to local Redcliffe tourist attractions, cultural precincts, restaurants and cafes and the beautiful Moreton Bay coastline.  It is also across the road from Redcliffe Public Hospital for those requiring accommodation to visit friends or relatives who are receiving treatment in hospital.

Redcliffe Motor Inn offers all guests comfortable + quiet accommodation.  Modern and stylish facilities and amenities.


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