50 Things To Do On The Redcliffe Peninsular – No 1

Visit the Gayundah Wreck: In the early 1880s Queensland’s Navy had a fleet of 10 ships. The best known was the “Gayundah” which was built in England and delivered to Brisbane to become the Navy’s flagship. The shallow draft of the “Gayundah” made it the ideal vessel to protect the bays and estuaries along the Queensland Coast. The “Gayundah” was 36m long, had a top speed of 10 knots and was heavily armed, though she never engaged in battle. The Navy sold her in 1919 and she was converted to a gravel barge before being towed to her current resting place at the base of the Woody Point on the Redcliffe Peninsular. There she continues the tradition of protecting our shoreline though she is now little more than a rusted shell. (Information thanks to the Redcliffe Historical Society Inc)

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