Stair Lift

Recently the Redcliffe Motor Inn installed a Stair Lift (pictured) to assist guests who, for any number of reasons, might have trouble accessing the rooms upstairs. We only have 3 rooms on the ground floor and sometimes it is not enough. Our close proximity to the Redcliffe Public and the Peninsula Private Hospitals means that we often have guests checking in the night before or after knee or hip operations and for these guests the Stair Lift can be very helpful. Some of our guests in their 80s and 90s appreciate the Chair Lift also. We recently had a guest who was in an upstairs room but she found she could not approach the stairs from the top due to an anxiety she is living with. With a lot of support and encouragement I managed to coax her reluctantly onto the Stair Lift to get her down. Without the Stair Lift I would have had to use the Fireman Lift (over the shoulder) and I am not sure I am up to it. I then moved her into a downstairs room which had become vacant. As you can imagine she was very appreciative. Happy to help Sandy. See you again sometime – when there is a downstairs room preferably.

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